Dearest Friends, Family, and Loved Ones,


When we first got engaged in December of 2019, we had no idea the roller coaster that was in store for us, with a global pandemic looming in the shadows. We learned to roll with the punches as our plans constantly shifted, and tough decisions were made around our originally planned July 18th, 2020 Wedding.    


We were saddened to have to cancel our original gathering on 07/18/20 due to the virus, but were delighted everyone was able to join us in our backyard ceremony via live-stream as we professed our vows!

However, as the real world starts to show its face again, it is time for us to show ours as well!

Details can be found in the pages below, but we will be having the exact same Wedding as originally planned, however we will be skipping all of the usual "Ceremony" parts, and getting straight to the part where we all come together, lift up a stiff cocktail, and join in celebration! 

Looking Forward to Seeing You Face-to-Face in Austin!

-Kate and Tucker


Austin, Texas

July 24   2021



Black-Tie Attire is Suggested, but Not Required.